A lamp is a device for giving light

Bulbs and lamps are both electrical devices providing light with the help of electricity. A bulb lights a dark space, they can be used to show the normal functioning of electronic device, to direct traffic, for heating and many other purposes. There are several kinds of light bulbs which includes Incandescent light bulb the invention of Edison, commonly used in every home, stores, streets etc; the next is fluorescent light bulbs which is more efficient as it gives off ¼ the amount of heat of an incandescent bulb. They consume less energy and are usually whiter in colour than incandescent light bulbs , which are slightly yellowish ; last but not the least is the LED bulbs which are more efficient and last longer than either incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LED light bulbs do not use mercury, which is toxic. They cost a little high than the fluorescent bulbs.

A lamp is a device for giving light, especially one which is covered partially or is contained within something. In other words it refers to a device that generates light, heat or therapeutic radiation. Portable light fixtures are often called “lamps”. Lamps are one of the most versatile and dynamic forms of home lighting. The various types of lamps include neon lamps, mercury lamps, sodium- vapour lamp, LED lamp, compact fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, plasma and fluorescent lamp.

Light gives life, whether it is life in a larger sense or life in the individual home. You can light every corner of your home with sophistication and style by choosing from these extensive varieties of bulbs and lamps. We provide you with a selection of retro and contemporary bulbs and lamps which fits every pocket. Trends from this season include industrial style exposed and quirky bulbs and lamps. With these grandeur selections of long- lasting bulbs and lamps, it’s easy to get the illumination you need and desire also keeping in view the concern for environmental sustainability. LED bulbs and lamps have a growing demand in both professional and domestic sectors. LED lamps and bulbs offer energy efficient solution for a wide variety of applications and require less frequent replacement. Every LED lamp is coded with a letter to help you identify the shape perfect for your fixture. They feature a number of unique and patented design features. They are ideal replacement for energy wasting 60 watt & 40 watt incandescent bulbs and lamps used since ages. They are constructed using the latest technology and best LED components. Fostered with a team of highly qualified engineer and technicians we are offering our clients with a wide range of designer lighting featuring the company’s signature elements with full –visible-spectrum light.